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Act C-21

Act C-21 Act C-21
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On March 31, 2004, the Canadian government has unanimously approved Bill C-45 which, later became Act C-21. This bill holds organizations and individuals accountable for negligence, either through action or inaction, with regard to occupational health and safety, resulting in injuries or the death of an individual. In order to avoid criminal prosecution and sanctions resulting therefrom, the necessary protective measures must be implemented and all individuals in the organization must respect the occupational health and safety rules.

Target population

TARGET POPULATION The training is intended for all regular and casual workers as well as for all corporate executives.


  • To know the origin of Bill C-45
  • To know the scope of Act C-21
  • To understand the concept of criminal negligence and its level of enforcement
  • To take cognizance of possible sanctions incurred following a judgment of conviction
  • To understand and implement the principle of due diligence within the organization

This course has a duration of about 20min and is valid for 36 months