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Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Transportation of Dangerous Goods Transportation of Dangerous Goods
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Industrial activities linked to hazardous materials expose not only workers, but also the population and the environment to risks that we could qualify as "supplementary". These materials induce risks within the industrial sites, but also between sites, as a result of their transportation. There are major issues surrounding the transportation of hazardous goods. This is why mastering the applicable regulation is vital for stakeholders. All stakeholders, both shippers and carriers, have the duty to ensure that they fully understand their role.

Target population

The training is mainly intended for logistics personnel, business executives as well as to any person handling and carrying regulated hazardous materials in Canada.


  • To be able to interpret the Transportation of Hazardous Goods Regulations
  • To understand the dangerous goods classification
  • To know the documents needed to transport
  • To distinguish the different indications of danger
  • To assimilate the importance of emergency response measures

This course has a duration of about 90min and is valid for 36 months


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