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Introduction to Asbestos

Introduction to Asbestos Introduction to Asbestos
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Since 1983, asbestos has been completely banned in more than 39 countries around the world. Other countries severely restrict its use with the objective of withdrawing its use. In Canada, the use of asbestos has decreased considerably since the end of the 1970s. Products that contain asbestos are regulated under the Asbestos Products Regulations (DORS/2007-260). Its bans are mainly aimed at stopping health problems and complications from the use of asbestos. In order to work safely, it is important to know the risks and the effects of exposure to asbestos. In addition, the worker must know the compulsory procedures and the related proper protective measures.

Target population

The training is primarily for regular and casual workers working in some way with materials and products containing asbestos. Note that this training is not suitable for companies specializing in asbestos removal.


  • To acquire basic knowledge about asbestos, laws and regulations, as well as working with asbestos
  • Know and assess the risks associated with the presence of asbestos
  • Know the effects, about the health, exposure to asbestos
  • Using the right protective measures according to the level of risk
  • Apply the various mandatory procedures when working in the presence of asbestos

This course has a duration of about 60min and is valid for 36 months


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