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Confined Spaces

Confined Spaces Confined Spaces
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Carrying out work in confined spaces inevitably exposes workers to a high level of risk. It is then imperative to put in place the necessary and appropriate measures, according to each situation, in order to ensure the health and safety of all. These totally or partially closed places are difficult to access and often contain a hazardous atmosphere that can cause serious health problems or even death. For these reasons, it is essential to properly assess the risks related to each enclosed space. Everyone must understand and respect the procedures put in place for entering confined spaces. Each participant directly or indirectly involved to the tasks to be accomplished must have previously acquired adequate knowledge.

Target population

The training is primarily intended for regular and casual workers wishing to perform work in confined spaces. Whether you work in the construction or underground conduit field, or you are simply interested in acquiring new skills, this training is for you.


  • To take cognizance of the current regulation
  • To recognize and identify confined spaces in the workplace
  • To be aware of the risks in confined spaces and how to prevent them
  • To differentiate the roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders
  • To perform the work in confined spaces safely
  • To effectively manage confined spaces

This course has a duration of about 120min and is valid for 36 months


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