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Electromagnetic fields

Electromagnetic fields Electromagnetic fields
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Electromagnetic fields exist in the natural state and have always been present on earth. Our body is able to perceive them in part, since visible light and sunlight are included in the spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies . What interests us more is the field of radio frequencies and the low frequencies, in which we constantly bathe. These waves constitute the part of the electromagnetic spectrum below the visible light. However, exposed workers must be aware of the effects of electromagnetic fields and be able to take the necessary precautions

Target population

The training is intended mainly for regular and occasional workers wishing to carry out work in the presence of electromagnetic fields. Whether you work in the field of construction, telecommunications, radiology or any other field affected by electromagnetic fields, this training is for you.


  • Explain what electromagnetic fields are
  • Define the main emitters
  • Know the effects on human health
  • Learn how to protect yourself adequately

This course has a duration of about 60min and is valid for 36 months


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