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OHS Cascades Induction

OHS Cascades Induction OHS Cascades Induction
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Since the work environment at Cascades has certain characteristics that require constant and complete control, this training is designed to help you assimilate the general safety rules and personal protective equipment that are in effect, so that everyone adopts and develops appropriate and safe behaviors. Every worker involved in the task at hand must have acquired the necessary knowledge and be able to evaluate the existing risks.

Some additional security measures may be required depending on the task being performed, working conditions, and some specialized operations within the organization.

Target population

The training is intended for all employees, contractors, subcontractors, visitors (regular or occasional) working in the Cascades facilities.


    Learn the general safety rules and personal protective equipment (PPE) of Cascades
    Work safely throughout the plant including: production, maintenance, delivery and warehousing areas
    Know the risks inside and outside the facilities
    Master all the general instructions to be respected on the site
    Understand and apply the golden rules of the business

This course has a duration of about 20min and is valid for 60 months

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