Online Occupational Health and Safety Training
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Silicium Québec Induction

Silicium Québec Induction Silicium Québec Induction
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Since the working environment at Silicium Québec has some particularities, this training has the objective of having you assimilate all the basic rules that will enable you to work in a consistent and safe manner in addition to providing you with the necessary indications to move safely. Most of the buildings and sectors of the business require an increased knowledge of the procedures in place. However, it is essential to be able to properly assess the existing risks. Each participant, directly or indirectly, involved in the tasks to be performed, must have previously acquired the adequate knowledge.

Target population

The training is mainly intended for regular and casual workers coming to do work inside the Silicium Québec site.


  • To become familiar with the different facilities on the site
  • To know the risks inside and outside the different buildings and sectors
  • To know the general instructions to be respected

This course has a duration of about 30min and is valid for 12 months