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Air Liquide Canada Orientation

Air Liquide Canada Orientation Air Liquide Canada Orientation
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Air Liquide is a global leader in gases, technologies and services for industry and health. Its activities are spread over more than 80 countries.

In Canada, Air Liquide operates in all provinces and employs approximately 2,500 employees.

The company specializes in the production and distribution of gas for companies of all sizes in manufacturing, raw materials, pharmaceuticals, medical and health services and the agri-food industry.

The nature of our activities and the different types of work that may be undertaken by Air Liquide employees and subcontractors in Canada could expose you to risks of various types, for which you may not be adequately protected.

Target population

The training is for any regular or occasional visitor to Air Liquide's facilities in Canada.


    Ensure your safety and that of others when you visit one of Air Liquide's sites in Canada
    Know the obligations of the visitors
    Know the behaviors to adopt
    Know the risks present and the emergency measures

This course has a duration of about 10min and is valid for 12 months

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